Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

I generally don’t read lovey-dovey books written by Indian authors, not because I am snooty gal, but because I find some of them downright silly. You can argue that the same holds true for books written by foreign authors too… And I won’t object. This is just my perspective or rather I can blame it on my local library that hoards such books. But I digress … Coming to the point this Valentine’s day my eyes fell on this book “Hold My Hand” by the engineer turned author- Durjoy Datta. And simply like that, I felt that I had to read this book. Here is a brief review of this book.durjoy-datta-photos

The gist of ‘Hold My Hand’:

The plot is a simple love story. Deep is your typical Bengali guy who loves food(aaloo poshto,doi maachh,muri ghonto.. ….) and whose life revolves around books. He gets a chance to go to HongKong for an internship program on cataloging libraries. There he meets a stunning girl Ahana, and the rest is history. No ..wait there is a small twist. Ahana is blind and the gallant Deep becomes her sight for the duration of his stay in Hongkong. Together they complement each other, Ahana with her deep insight and Deep, her eyes. Will they come together?Will the beautiful Ahana accept the geeky guy Deep? For this off course, you will have to read the story.

  • The book holds interest:

Though the ending is not difficult to guess, the book holds interest till the end. And the credit for this goes to the various characters of the book. Deep’s over possessive mother who smothers him with kisses and hugs, his cool-collected Baba, his cute fat friend Manasi, the conversations between them are sprinkled with light humor; all these keep the story going.  Deep’s self inflicted humor calling himself a faulty water sprinkler on meeting his ex-girlfriend or his obituary statements or his experiments with writing keeps you smiling.994198_1391341077750629_1421937856_n

Ahana’s world is also insightful as she rues how chop sticks are so unfriendly or her desires to be a normal girl with lots of friends-these are quite touching. Her ex boyfriend Aveek who is blind too, yet is full of charm and confidence gives a bit of dramatic flair to this simple love story. You will fall a bit in love with Ahana’s dotting dad as you see how he strives to be  both a mom and dad for his little  girl. Overall an okay book to spend the day with.

Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney

Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney

What to say…I loved this book.

Deborah Raney is a gifted writer and brings such raw emotion to her characters they almost feel real. The book offers rich detail but does a good job keeping the mundane details at bay so the reader doesn’t get bored. I was so emotionally connected to Daria, Cole and Nate that I couldn’t decide a proper outcome for them. Most of the story is told through Daria’s perspective but elegantly flows to Nate and Cole when needed. The shifting perspectives brought necessary depth to connect to the men involved in this dilemma. Because of the synopsis of the book we the reader know what Daria is going to face, but yet she doesn’t know until mid-way through the book.51Z9Xdu9fhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

While the relationship with Cole is progressing, your thinking NO DARIA- Nate is ALIVE, but we travel down this new marriage with her just waiting for Nate to show back up. Not to mention Natalie, the baby Daria had from Nate is now connecting with Cole and calling him daddy. So we see not only Cole and Daria falling in love, but Natalie falling in love with Cole as well, adding to the heartbreak we know that’s coming. Daria is so focused on moving on and falling in love she misses and ignores all the little things going on around her. Vivid dreams of Nate start to trouble her sleep, letters from the missionary field begging her back make their way into her mailbox. The deep gut feeling that she should wait and take things slow with Cole –ignored- As God tries to drop hints all around her she’s put her foot down and will not listen to her heart’s warning.

Daria marries Cole and settles into a new married life happy and distant to her faith. When Nate finally does reenter the book- the reunion is agonizing and knowing the heartbreak Cole is going through, makes the reader suffer right along with them. One thing that struck me about this book was the core strength being love and not so much the circumstances. I loved the honesty of the characters especially in Daria. She truly loves Cole and has moved on from her grief over Nate. The marriage is happy but not perfect and when the two fight- it’s real and they express real inner feelings. I found that refreshing for a romance novel that her characters are not these flawless people who gaze in each other’s eyes every second- they are normal people facing big problems and make huge mistakes!Evan_reading_AnneLamott_still01

When Daria see’s Nate all her love from that marriage comes rushing back and she is overwhelmed by the possibility of living life with him, big problems and huge heartbreak is on the horizon for our characters. The ending was shocking, and only because I had no idea how Daria was going to choose, the outcome was -for me- so heartbreaking but yet so brave, the decision finally made will drew beautiful parallels between the love story told and the love story of Christianity.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves romance, no language or graphic sex scenes, there are plenty of references to sex and adult situations in the book but stays wholesome throughout.

4/5 Christian Romance

Worst Books Ever

Worst Books Ever

My top may not signify poor writing- but for sure will signify destructive books that I read during college and at a time when I was researching world religions.

 1. Margaret Sanger’s —The Pivot of Civilization—-

-Who is Margaret Sanger? She would be the founder of Planned Parenthood, who published a book (which has been out of print for years and rumored to be frowned upon by PP) sharing all her thoughts on race and birth control methods. I read this book along with 2 on my list for research during school which unbelievably was for a paper on the Spartans.

Sanger was one sick cookie, her introduction fails to state the downright disturbing ideas this book encapsulates and how racist this woman really was.

Who are the “We”? Whoever the “we” are suppose to be they went on to represent goals to keep certain human beings from having children. Sanger believed in sterilization and using abortion as birth control or in her words race and imbecile control. Don’t believe me,  you can find tons of information about the foundation of Planned Parenthood and Sanger online.



2.Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

The book that forever knocked Adolf off the list of most popular baby boy names.

I will be honest- I read this as part of a research paper on WWII as a group project and could not finish it.


3. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

The author who ranks races by their levels of evolution and states that Jews and Black people are more ape than human. ….and then goes on to become the cornerstone of everything that your child will be taught about biology and genetics. AWESOME!


4. Dianetics by Ron L. Hubbard

WOW- did you know this guy was a science fiction author before he wrote Dianetics? One day Ron sat down with his buddies and bet them all a case of beer that he could create his own religion…..Flash forward a few months you have Scientology with free beer and Tom Cruise.


5. He Came to Set the Captives Free by Rebecca Brown

Not only does this woman claim vampires and werewolves are real but she can teach you how to rebuke them..with stick figure illustrations to boot….One way ticket on the Crazy Train please….


6. A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren

I am a Christian says Brian- I believe in Jesus says Brian- I also believe that there was no apple, no serpant, no garden, no virgin birth, no cross, no resurrection, no Hell and I think God really didn’t say what the Bible really says He said…Ok then Brian what the *bleep* do you believe in then?


7. Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer Crown


This was a book i was really looking forward to when it was released however i did not enjoy it at all. There was no real inside information nor real content. I feel i could have read his wikipedia page and come away with the same information.

I wonder if his son will get a book? James Packer has taken over the business and launched new businesses such as online bookmaker CrownBet.



8. Your Best life Now by Joel Osteen

Just look at the cover…seriously I can’t believe I read this…..it was one of those desperate at the dentist have nothing to read moments….My Two Fiction Selections…in no way close to the same as a Hitler or Sanger book make my list for their absurdity.


9. The Davinci Code by Dan Brownmaxresdefault

Jesus in the mountains with Mary, secretly gets married and pops out some kids. Flash forward to present day: we got albino bad guys whipping themselves, looking for the holy grail and protecting Christ’s last of kin ….and then people actually discussing if this could be real……if this could be they mystery of the Bible, come on people….Really??


10. The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

I can’t even begin to tell you what this book was about, between the 5000 tragedies and the 1000 plot lines, things got to be a huge tangled web of whining, blaming and living through every real life tragedy since The Oklahoma City Bombing. How do you mix the events of Columbine, 9/11 and Katrina into one story? Hmmm lets see, blame President Bush for it all, he created the storm that destroyed New Orleans and made those kids go nuts and shoot up their school. Bush was so evil, he diabolically made these fictional characters cheat on each other, go to jail and have a crappy life. Lamb slammed Bush probably a gazillion times for things even outside of his presidency, it was just annoying and really pathetic.I was tired, annoyed and emotionally drained after reading this.

So, what do you think? Any of you read these? Agree? Disagree?