Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

I generally don’t read lovey-dovey books written by Indian authors, not because I am snooty gal, but because I find some of them downright silly. You can argue that the same holds true for books written by foreign authors too… And I won’t object. This is just my perspective or rather I can blame it on my local library that hoards such books. But I digress … Coming to the point this Valentine’s day my eyes fell on this book “Hold My Hand” by the engineer turned author- Durjoy Datta. And simply like that, I felt that I had to read this book. Here is a brief review of this book.durjoy-datta-photos

The gist of ‘Hold My Hand’:

The plot is a simple love story. Deep is your typical Bengali guy who loves food(aaloo poshto,doi maachh,muri ghonto.. ….) and whose life revolves around books. He gets a chance to go to HongKong for an internship program on cataloging libraries. There he meets a stunning girl Ahana, and the rest is history. No ..wait there is a small twist. Ahana is blind and the gallant Deep becomes her sight for the duration of his stay in Hongkong. Together they complement each other, Ahana with her deep insight and Deep, her eyes. Will they come together?Will the beautiful Ahana accept the geeky guy Deep? For this off course, you will have to read the story.

  • The book holds interest:

Though the ending is not difficult to guess, the book holds interest till the end. And the credit for this goes to the various characters of the book. Deep’s over possessive mother who smothers him with kisses and hugs, his cool-collected Baba, his cute fat friend Manasi, the conversations between them are sprinkled with light humor; all these keep the story going.  Deep’s self inflicted humor calling himself a faulty water sprinkler on meeting his ex-girlfriend or his obituary statements or his experiments with writing keeps you smiling.994198_1391341077750629_1421937856_n

Ahana’s world is also insightful as she rues how chop sticks are so unfriendly or her desires to be a normal girl with lots of friends-these are quite touching. Her ex boyfriend Aveek who is blind too, yet is full of charm and confidence gives a bit of dramatic flair to this simple love story. You will fall a bit in love with Ahana’s dotting dad as you see how he strives to be  both a mom and dad for his little  girl. Overall an okay book to spend the day with.

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